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MRKH Patient Support

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore understand how difficult this can be on a patient and their family. Their center offers a full level of support for young women diagnosed with MRKH including programs for mothers and daughters, educational videos and seminars, confidential counseling for patients and families, post-operative care and support.

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore encourage patient’s and their families to read through our Patient’s Stories.  These were written by our patients and/or a family member and it is our hope to continue to grow this page with more stories so you can see you are not alone.

As part of their ongoing support, Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore have created an online support page for their patients that have already had surgery or are about to have surgery.  It’s a secret facebook page that only the members of that group can see who is a part of it and anything posted.  It’s by invitation only and if you accept the invitation, none of your other facebook contacts will know you have joined a new group, again, it’s a secret. If you would like to join, please contact

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional information regarding our center and our consultation process, along with our surgical technique.

There are other support sites available throughout the internet that Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore feel are helpful, as every patient and their journey is different.