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MRKH Patient Stories and Testimonials

Just wanted to say happy one year anniversary to me. Just really wanted to say thank you so much for everything, you changed my life dramatically and how I feel and it’s making only the best come my way.   I hope you all are doing great there and hopefully I can come for a visit somewhere in the near future!

You guys are great!!!

MRKH Patient, Canada

Dear Dr. Moore, Alex, Susie and Staff,

Thank you for ALL you have done for my daughter and our family.  Our long, and what seemed like, a hopeless road, has become a hopeful and happy one!!  Thank you for always answering our questions, texts and emails!!   Your patience and loyalty to your patients is unlike any other medical practice we have dealt with!  I can’t thank you enough.  Our Atlanta experience was difficult, but because of all of you, it was positive and wonderful.

  Dr. Moore, you are a saint.  Your expertise, sensitivity in dealing with emotional times and talent make you a gift in your patients’ lives.   Thank you so very much.  We sent our best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2014.

MRKH Family Member, Illinois

I was told that dilating was my only option, but that was not the case. Thanks to Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore my life both physically and mentally has changed. Dr. Moore seemed very at ease about the procedure and clamed all my nerves and worries about the procedure.  Unfortunately, after the packing was removed scar tissue formed and I had to undergo another small procedure, wherein post-op more packing was put in.  Dilating soon ensued after that bout of packing was removed, but unfortunately once again I hit another snag and more scar tissue formed where I had to undergo more surgery to remove it. 

After all of this, though, I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Moore and his team.  I was only about 2 cm pre-op and post-op I was 11cm.  Due to dilating and pelvic physical therapy I was able to stretch the tip of the vaginal canal to 13cm.  I consider myself a real woman now that can lead an average sexual life. Once again due to Dr. Moore’s and Dr. Miklos’ team and the advances in medical science I would not be where I am today, and that is a true woman.

MRKH Patient, Nevada

I was a patient of Drs Miklos and Moore a year ago and wanted to take a minute to convey my gratitude to everyone in your office and especially say thank you to you for helping get all the logistics in place. A year after surgery to correct MRKH, I found myself a great guy and life is pretty damn great and getting to feel like a “normal” college student is largely thanks to the people in your office.

MRKH Patient, Washington

I am so happy, thank you Dr. Miklos and Moore for changing my life for the better.

MRKH Patient, Georgia

I want to thank you all so much for everything you all have done for me. You have literally changed my life, and I can not express how thankful I really am. I feel loads better today, and I’m sure it will only get better.

Again thank you all so much for this past week and all those months before. Your calls kept me calmed and informed about what was going on, and you all are by far the best doctors office ever in communication!  This whole experience has definitely helped me grow as a woman and a person. Your office is what made this experience positive instead of traumatic. I have already ranted about how great my experience has been on my group MRKH sites, and I look forward to keeping in contact with you all. Have a great rest of the summer and God bless!

MRKH Patient, Kentucky

In my 27 as an RN working in areas which have included cardiac critical care, oncology, home health and hospice care, I have observed what the very best in the delivery of health care can be and unfortunately at times what it should not be.  Atlanta Center for Laparoscopic Urogynecology not only met our high expectations, they exceeded them in every way possible.  From the initial phone contact, to the call received from Dr. Moore a few days later for the purpose of discussing my daughter’s possible treatment plan, to the office consultation, surgery, and follow-up care – every team member we encountered demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, respect, knowledge, competency and empathy.  The kind caring and sincere interest in my daughter achieving a successful outcome continued upon our return to our home state as staff continued to call, write and e-mail.  Dr. Moore and his staff went out of their way to ensure optimal coordination of care upon our return home by consulting with our local provider via phone discussions in a very timely and highly receptive manner.

To say that my daughter and I would highly recommend seeking out the care and services of Dr. Moore and his team would be an understatement. They think of everything, including arranging for rooming accommodations for those who require surgical intervention and post-operative follow-up.

Traveling to Atlanta from the West Coast seemed daunting and over-whelming but Dr. Moore and staff were so welcoming and helpful, that any inconveniences were easily overlooked.

Congratulations to the physicians and staff of Atlanta Center for Laparoscopic Urogynecology as they have achieved superior delivery of care and services and could serve as model for other health care providers.

MRKH Family Member, Nevada

I did a lot of research on the internet on which procedures were available for my condition.  I chose this procedure because it made sense.  This procedure seemed minimally invasive and had the quickest recovery time.  Dr. Miklos and his staff made traveling to the states easy to have this procedure done.

MRKH Patient, Norway

I did not feel like a woman at all. My diagnosis freaked me out. I tried dilation for many years and I still couldn’t have normal sex. I felt abnormal since I didn’t have a vagina and my labia were huge! I had surgery with Dr Moore and Miklos and it went great. They are miracle workers! Now I feel like a woman.

MRKH Patient, California

You are all wonderful!!!  We are full of gratitude and appreciation for your skills and kindness.  Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore…you have improved our daughters quality of life.  We will forever be grateful.  Thank you for being wonderful!

MRKH Family Member, Florida

It’s been 3 years, it doesn’t seem possible!  My daughter graduated from high school last spring and is now a freshman in College! She remained very active throughout high school.  She spent a month in Alaska the summer following her surgery hiking throughout the Denali Range.  She continued to sail competitively and won the state championship the spring following her surgery as well. 

At some point along the way she had the opportunity to use her new anatomy and hearing nothing to the contrary I assume all was well!  She and I had an agreement that she needn’t share details unless necessary and as the mom I was happy to be on a need to know basis!!

I think about Dr. Moore often and in fact just saw him in a magazine being honored as a doctor of distinction!  Though we don’t often talk about the diagnosis, the procedure, the complications and the recovery both my daughter and I realize that without Dr. Moore her life would be quite different today and for that we are forever grateful.

MRKH Family Member, Massachusetts