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MRKH Online Support

Finding out that you or your daughter has MRKH can be very difficult for a family.  Finding a physician that can answer all your questions regarding this rare syndrome can be difficult.

Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos and their staff are available to help guide you during this journey, but if you would like to reach out and connect with other women with MRKH, there are support groups available all over the United States and Internationally.  Below are some communities that Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos have connected other patients with.  Some of these groups are open to the public and some are private.  Finding the right one is up to you.

Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos Patient Support Group

Private Facebook page for our patients only.  Connect with patients that have had surgery with Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos.  If you would like to join, please contact

MRKH Question and Answer Guide for Parents and Family Members

With all the information available on the internet, the Center for Young Women’s Health, through Boston Children’s Hospital has created some informative guides for teens with MRKH and their parents.  For patients, there are some educational FAQ’s about MRKH and your body.  For parents and family members, there are guides on how to help your daughter, treatment options and commonly asked questions.  These are great references if you have just found out  about MRKH and you are concerned about what your next steps should be.

MRKH Support Pages

Facebook Support Pages

Closed Groups

For Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts